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Thread: Need help with montage editing

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    I'm going to edit a game montage using Sony Vegas and After Effects an i need some help.
    Firstly i need to know how my workflow with SV and AE is going to look like, everything needs to be synced with music and SV is the best program to cut and sync the clips in, but i'm going to use twixtor in AE for the slowmotions so i don't know how i'm going to manage the syncing.

    Also i need help with some effects in AE, for example i need to have a line showing the path of a chopper. It should look like this:

    You can see the chopper and the line drawn in paint in the backround. The chopper is going to move and the first person view is also moving but i will slow it down with twixtor so the movements gets slower. Any tutorials and tips how to do this kind of effect?

    I will update the thread when other obstacles occurs. I'm very sorry for my English but i think you'll understand the most of it.

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    I constantly use Vegas and AE without any problems, they work very well together.Technical queries I get answers from Youtube tutorials.
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