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Thread: Good news. Panasonic, Viera and DIVx

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    Default Good news. Panasonic, Viera and DIVx

    My TV has USB sockets. Amongst various other formats, the manual says it can play some MP4 files, in particular ones created by Panasonic equipment. I had only minor (and varied) successes using my existing codecs. And my 5 year old Codec from Divx produced dreadful 1280*720 files and unplayable 1920*1080 files.
    The good news is that the TV is certified to accept "DivX Plus HD" files. So, for £25, I purchased the up to date pack from DivX. Wonderful! All my tests have worked (so far). I can now watch my lousy clips on a big screen.
    I assume the media playing capabilities of future TVs will accept even wider ranges of codecs. In the meantime, well done Panasonic and DivX.
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    cool !

    dont think our panasonic has USB sockets ...... scuttles off to have a look ......

    yes it does

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    It always seems a minor miracle when things suddenly "just work", doesn't even? Bored this morning, I connected a mobile phone (nokia n to a TV via HDMI. Hey presto, what was on the phone, appeared on the screen. Magic! A fantasic small portable video player!
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    As an early up taker of HD Tv's I don't have a USB socket but I do have an Arcos which I've been using for years. It records TV and plays any Divx file I want to put on it.

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