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    This film is my final major project at my college(high school) Media Production course.

    "The Girl is the story of a depressed guy whos girlfriend, for reasons unknown suddenly cuts herself out for his life leaving no trace. He is left to live his life alone and spends his days reminiscing and trying to bring back his memory of her face. Will he ever find the memory? Will he ever find her? Did she ever exist?"

    The film is inspired by the novel Norwegian Wood by Haruki Murakami. It is also inspired by films by director Wong Kar Wai, such as Chungking Express. It is also inspired by the film When Five Fell by Wong Fu Productions. In Haruki Murakami fashion the film is quite ambiguous, but the hints about the storyline are all there if you pay attention. Another film that was an influence for me was Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless mind.

    Edited using Adobe Premiere CS4
    Filmed with Canon eos 550D

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    Sorry, I thought it was a load of cliché ridden, sentimental nonsense. How much of this is down to the original story, how much is down to your inspiration from various films I don't know.
    Sentimental: because we're meant to feel sorry for the protagonist who has loved and lost (no harm there, I suppose)
    Nonsense: because it suggests that something sinister/significant underlies all this, but never delivers ("When I first met her she was running away. I didn't see anyone, she never told me who it was", "She was really secretive; She never talked about herself" - OK you've created intrigue but it is no more than intrigue for intrigue's sake - trying to make the story more than it is. I find this just frustrating. By all means give me something I don't understand, or which gets me thinking, or give me some ambiguity - was she this or was she that? But this gives me nothing at all.
    Cliche ridden: "I thought i knew her very well ... I hardly knew her at all" Purleese!

    But that's just the story and you probably didn't come here to have that criticised. Anyway Midnight likes it and he sometimes makes films with dogs in so he's probably got better taste than me

    As for the filming. I thought you had some good ideas in thee. Whilst I'm not a great fan of the hand held look, I liked the profile shots of the talent walking. I thought some of the shots had the talent set against some distinctive backgrounds (eg tube shots, bridge shot, just London streets). I liked the out of focus lights turning into a night scene (a bit cliché - I didn't say I dislike clichés pe se). I liked the speeded up shot with the talent standing by the phone box.
    I thought the shots of the "soft hands, back of her neck, her shoes" were a bit harsh or clinical - a softening and warming might have been appropriate.

    Worst cut in the film: 1:12 - the action does a 180 degree turn.

    The music was appropriate - the film would definitely have been less without it - and the voiceover was well done - not too sentimental.

    So: hated the story, but I thought it was quite well executed.

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    Anyway Midnight likes it and he sometimes makes films with dogs in so he's probably got better taste than me
    Ha Ha

    Did she really exist ? If she did who or what was she really? I thought these aspects all added to the story. I usually like a happy ending but I also like films that make me think a bit. I would have liked to have seen more care with the focusing but I thought I'd just comment on how it made me feel, which is more important.

    Praise the lord for difference.

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