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Thread: Enough Power for PR anbd AE?

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    Default Enough Power for PR anbd AE?

    Since I'm new here, I'm not sure what section this belongs in, but since it's pertaining to the use of PR and AE, I thought that it would fit.

    I'm planning on getting a new laptop this year (Thinkpad W Series) and I'll be getting the Production Premium CS5.5 suite. I'm curious to know if the following specs would be enough power to handle both Premier and After Effects. The videos I'll be editing will be 720p and a few might be 1080p.

    CPU: 2.4Ghz Intel i7 Quad Core Mobile
    RAM: 8GB DDR3
    GPU: 2GB nVidia 2000M
    Screen: 1960x1080

    I've used Premier and After effects before on a dual core system that had less than half of what's listed above and the only thing that would lag would be After Effects when I'd be doing things with loads and loads of sprites and particles. Anything pertaining motion + particles + explosions + focus effects would result in lag.

    I'd get an MacBook Pro, but I'm sticking with the PC world since I have MANY other applications that only run on Windows. The screen's 15.6" IIRC. Opinions?

    EDIT: I also have my currently laptop:

    CPU: 2.0GHz Intel 2 Duo Mobile
    RAM: 4GB DDR2
    GPU: 2GB nVidia GeForce 9300M GS
    Screen: 13" 1280x800

    Would that run it? If so, that'd save me about 2300 dollars.

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    Yes, that is enough power.

    It'll be a lot smoother and faster then you're other laptop. The Quad processor and the faster and more memory is the most important. The 2GB videocard will do nicely with any GPU required effects in AE and Premiere too.

    Be sure though that you're running your HD footage off of a 7200 rpm hard drive. Those mobile 5400 rpm hard drives are a joke for HD editing.


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    I wanna say they are 7200s...if not...I can always grab one from newegg. I can always try and see how it works on my laptop and if needed get W later on. CS5.5 = more important than a laptop.

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