With our library passing the 1,000 films mark and new titles added daily, this is a good time to tell you about some recent work we’ve published. These films can all be viewed free on our site and downloaded in seven different formats from just 65p to watch later on your phone, computer and TV.

RUBBER CRIPPLE: Director, Jason Marsh’s third experimental film explores the human condition in an imaginative and intriguing ultra-short.
Rubber Cripple
BENEPA: Set in 2021, Daniel Hammersley’s TV pilot depicts a Britain still recoiling from the ‘great depression’ and controlled by a mega corporation consisting of the world's wealthiest companies.
THE APOCALYPSE DIARIES: The latest tension-packed episode of our popular webTV series from Aussie director, Clea Frost, has a terrific cliff-hanger ending!
Apocalypse Diaries [Trans 7]
ZOMBIES TAKE THE SCHOOLYARD: Classic US teen zombie flic starting with an acid thunderstorm over the local high school turning everyone into zombies - except Ralph and Scott, who find sanctuary in the janitor's cupboard ('natch).
Zombies Take The Schoolyard

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