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Thread: Uploading video to pc from Sony dcr-trv110

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    Default Uploading video to pc from Sony dcr-trv110

    Camera has me confused... i cant find any "ILINK" cords that go from camera to USB plug. What other options do i have with the RCAs? Every little video capture tool i have seen costs well over 50 bucks for such a small thing, please help me out.

    I want to edit films and turn into video cds. I am using Ulead VS 8

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    iLink or Firewire connects from your miniDV camcorder to your PC via a Firewire cable connected to a firewire port on your PC. USB is NOT involved whatsoever.

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    could you link me an image of the cable? I have been looking for that too the past couple days, no luck yet.

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    So thats all there is to it huh? I am not sure if thats the correct plug in, i have seen ones that were plain squared, had wings, and looked like that one. It appears to be the one to go with. Unfortunately all I need now is a firewire pci card.

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    cable + card = 15. Not too bad, in the grand scheme.
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    Well with america's terrible economy and Bush pissing out our US dollar, thats about 60 USD, unfortunately I have been out of a job for the past year and have no income just yet.

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    You'll get a firewire card and cable for less than 20 USD.

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    Find me a cord cheaper than 15 bucks in USD and a card cheaper than 20.

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