So at the moment I have a sony handycam and a logitech c910 webcam a PC and a macbook pro.

I only want to use imovie to edit my movies (dont ask why its just what I like)

The last time I made a video for youtube was the biggest mission of my life, I ended up not even using my handycam as it doesnt have audio in,the image wasnt as good as the webcam (lol) and doesnt have usb streaming. My webcam only works with PC and can only record to its full res when recording with its own logitech software. For the audio input I had a line in from my mixer (that my instrument is plugged into). The video streams into the logitech software and so does the audio to combine into a WMV.

Issues started to arise when trying to put the file into imovie. Imovie needs AVI files , after searching every where I could not find a decent file converter that could convert WMV to AVI without shrinking the res alot.

I need a better way to record. Either a video camera that can shoot in HD and stream into a recording program like imovie while having the sound streaming in from an external source or a video camera than has its own audio input and can save movies as AVI or a format that can be edited with Imovie.

My budget is not huge, I dont shoot movies for a living or anything. Im just a musician that wants to be able to do this simple process without a big hassle but yes I am willing to spend abit more to get this process sorted.