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Thread: New music video by Reynolds Brothers

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    Default New music video by Reynolds Brothers

    Hi all,

    Been a while since I posted anything so here's a link to our latest music video. The artist is the beautiful Hettie Bunker with her original song Paper Chase.

    Watch in 720p.

    Shot in Bristol on a minute budget at Room4 Studio's.

    Tech details:

    Kino Flo
    3 Dedo Lights
    3 Red Heads
    Panasonic HVX200 at 1440-720p

    Edited on FCP, graded in Color.

    Please take a look and leave feedback if you wish. Thanks guys

    Matt Reynolds
    Reynolds Brothers
    Reynolds Brothers - Music Video

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    Very nice. Could have been more involved ie more narrative in the video but what was shot looked nice.

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    Nice one Midnight,

    It was slightly difficult with this one. Hettie didn't want anything too distracting in this video. It is supposed to serve as a marketing tool of her songwriting, playing, singing etc rather than full blown music video. However I see what you're saying, and thank you for your comment.

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    Well, if that was the brief you did a good job.

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