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Thread: Music video - Jah Love Is Real

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    Default Music video - Jah Love Is Real

    Shot with Canon Vixia HF M300 in 30p mode. When exporting from iMovie there is only an option for 29.97p, which is what I selected. Can this lower the picture quality? Would you recommend shooting in 24p in the future?
    Any other feedback is welcome

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    I'd always recommend shooting in 24p if possible, though 30fps is not lower quality, 24fps provides a more filmic look. There is a huge difference visually between 24fps and 30fps.
    Not a bad looking video though. Keep at it.

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    I wouldn't worry about the 30p mode. Usually, when something is "said" to be shot in at 30fps it actually means 29.97fps. It's just easier to thirty than it is to say twenty nine point nine seven. As for the video I like a bit of reggae. I thought you got a good performance out of the talent. Make a nice feel good video. I thought the opening titles didn't look right for a music video. There was too much zooming. Some of the framing wasn't to good. example the tracking shot at 0:53 chopping the top of his head then the next shot too much space above the head.

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    Thank you, Lonesomejoe, I think I'll try 24p for the next video so I can compare and see which to stick with.

    And thank you for the fps explanation, Midnight Blue.

    I'm still learning, so the critique is very helpful. Hoping to have another video up here soon!

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