Hi, I'm new here

I have 2 video cameras - Kodak Zi8 HD + Sony handycam DCR-SX43 SD

The two brand software programs for these cameras are Arc Soft + PMB

I love PBM calandar view. I can burn my video onto DVD according to date taken. That works well. BUT...the kodak videos do not show up in this program.

I only discovered this after noticing some video files missing after I had burnt my video archive to DVD!!

Here's my question: Is there a software program that will recognise both videos from both cameras and put them in date/time order - then burn to DVD from there?

I want a video archive that is burnt to DVD that represenst files in date order - no matter what camera they are from (If you get my drift).

I have ACDC 3 but I don't think it can do this.