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    Hi guys, I'm new here on the forums and a new editor (still one more year left in school). I've already begun making videos just to get better at this craft. So with that, here's my first video for a contest:

    Ignore The Door

    Please check it out, and if it's enjoyabe, please vote for it.

    Secondy, I know there are some continuity issues, but anything else you guys can add for a more creative flair? And any idea how I would make it so the picture quaity isn't so "amateurish". I don't want to say "film look" but I think that's what peple would say.

    Would it be camera settings before the shoot and not post colour correction?

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    great video!!
    I'm also a fan of JennaMarbles

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    Not a bad effort, but I'd make a couple of comments.
    Firstly the shots from outside the door are rather underexposed. Yet the shot wher the door is opened is not so bad and this emphasises even more the gloominess of teh interior shots.
    We have an over the shoulder shot where the slaesman is talking, but we can clearly see his jaw isn't moving.
    Finally you have probbelms with crossing the line.
    It starts off fine - salesman facing right, then we see the girl facing/moving left. Back to the salesman facing right at the door, cut to the girl looking through the spyhole - but she's also facing right!
    Then we switch to her facing left again (but you get away with this as the cut is to the shut door, before she opens it - effectively a neutral shot).
    Cut to salesman facing left and so it continues with shots alternating from one side of the action to the other.
    Without any neutral shots betwen, the camera should stay on the same side of the libe of action - an imaginary line drawn between the two characters faces - otherwise it seems like they keep swapping sides.
    Nice clear sound.

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