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Thread: Compressed Video?

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    Default Compressed Video?

    I've come a long way in the last week! I uploaded a 7 min clip to my website and it takes soooo long for it to download from the site when someone else is viewing it... How can I make it quick? Still quite the nooobie but I'm trying. Does it make a difference in the file? Is AVI more compressed? How do I make it so it will download fast? I feel stupid but hey, atleast I'm trying.

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    it depends what type of AVI it is, DV AVI is what you capture from your digital camera, and it isn't compressed very much at all, so you can edit it frame by frame.

    In order to put it on the internet, you'll want to compress it using a codec that retains quality but keeps the file size down.

    I'm no expert, but I've done a few clips for the 'net and I used VirtualDub to encode my DV as DivX, which also has the .avi extension.

    There's a tutorial for this on the main digital-director site, (you will probably want to skip the bit about the "Premiere frame server", and just open your uncompressed AVI file in VirtualDub):

    There's loads of other options like Windows media, depending on what your audience/purpose is. I'm sure someone with a bit more experience will be able to help further.
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    yep, get yourself the xvid codec, the lame mp3 codec, and virtualdub, and you'll be sorted.
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    When putting things online, I always put them in a zip file so that people who want to see the video have to download the file, and are unable to stream it. Streaming from my server is quite a bit slower than just flat out downloading.

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