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Thread: first visual edit and soundtrack beat...

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    Cool first visual edit and soundtrack beat...

    please watch and critique, this is an entry into a video competition and it's my first full edited clip like this... wrote the beat, chopped the samples and edited the visuals with my of ma sisters
    This is the first of many like this which I intend to do... video editing in premiere, chopped and sequenced then resequenced in Windows Movie Maker, beat made in AcidPro 4 with fruity loop samples.

    Thanks so much!
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    The problem with critiquing something like this is that it's hard to know what you did and what the original footage looked like so we can't judge what your actual input is. Even the music is samples, although I appreciate you stuck them together. I don't understand why you used Premier for the editing and then re edited in WMM.

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    Midnight Blue - Thanks for the feedback sir... the footage is sampled from virtual tour tutorials found on thecanetube Canegrowers youtube channel. it is heavily spliced and and chopped to squeeze as much "relevant" visuals into under 2mins. RE: Premier for editing and then WMM... I am still running a PC laptop (toshiba A200 satellite from 2007 with XP) and alas though it would have been good to have the budget to upgrade to MAC for such things, it isn't possible yet... so in answer to that, knowing it is a strange thing to do it was a memory issue with Premier constantly crashing after adding transition filters and fx so to make it easy on ma lil baby, it seemed like the best option and worked well for layering the audio created in acidpro, (which I used to alter the sound samples) to be dropped str8 under neath the video file and then just rearrange the visual samples around.
    I appreciate constructive criticism and am so glad to have stumbled upon this site... I will post more of my original works up as they are done.. like I said this is our first attempt at this sort of thing.. given time more memory and a sick as rig my work will get better..
    Thanks so much for taking time to watch and respond.
    peace mate

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