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Thread: How good is the view sonic show'n go 3D HD Camcorder?

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    Default How good is the view sonic show'n go 3D HD Camcorder?

    Hi just wondering if any blogs have reviewed the View Sonic’s Show’n Go 3D HD Camcorder? Its is available here for £89.99 and was wondering if anyone knew how good it was mainly for family home videos? thanks in advance

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    Quote Originally Posted by IndyJ View Post
    mainly for family home videos
    I have not read any reviews and have never seen one. But at £89.99 for an HD camera with two sensors; I suspect it is extremely limited. And I suspect the closeness of the lenses will give an unnatural 3d effect. The knock on effect is that the User may become very bored with the camera after they have taken the usual experimental shots.

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    Thank you, I decided not to go with that one in the end. Like you said at that price it probably would have been quite limited

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