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Thread: best drive for scratch disks for Adobe Premiere Pro CS5?

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    Default best drive for scratch disks for Adobe Premiere Pro CS5?

    hi, i am wondering what drive is best for scratch disks? regular 7,200/10,000 rpm HDD's in Raid 0, 15k SAS drives in Raid 0, or SSD's with or without Raid 0? i plan on using Adobe Premiere Pro CS5

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    Being a geek, I'd have to say SSD OR a 10k RPM sata drive for recording and editing, and a 2TB 5400/7200RPM for final copies and bulk raw data. That's what I'd do. But TBH, I'd just get a single 1TB/2TB 7200RPM drive, put two partitions on it, allocate one for storage, and one for all of your edited files, etc.

    To give you an idea, being a geek and a gamer, I'm planning on doing gameplays and commentary's soon, using a PVR to record the footage, I was planning on building a desktop (if I was to lazy to buy one) with 1 drive for the OS and program, 1 drive for recording, and 1/2 (a single 2TB or dual 2TB in RAID) drives for storage. But now I've settled on a laptop seeing as I'll be on the road alot and most of the games I play on PC based.

    Hope that helps.

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    Use a SSD for your OS and programs then use a large seperat drive for your media.

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    awesome, thanks everyone

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    For your scratch disks you want as large as fast a drive as possible. I keep all my media on an internal raid 0 and when working with Premiere I set all my scratch disks to "same as project". This way I can easily be running daily backups through folder pairs on SynchToy knowing that I don't need to start by recreating all this information if something goes wrong. I can then quickly delete all the render files at the end of a project for archiving.

    I can imagine if you had a separate disk (or raid) from your system and media discs it would certainly make some difference, if I could easily set up 2 individual raid 0's on my MB I would do it for sure.

    The most important thing as mentioned already is to keep all this stuff away from your system drive, make sure your not saving projects to the default "my documents" folder.

    If working with SD a 7200 rpm drive would be fine, if HD your best to go with a raid, I find 7200 rpm to be fine in a raid but the faster the better.


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