My band is trying to upgrade our stage show, and I'm trying to find a simple software video mixer that will capture the video from 2 streams and allow us to switch from one to the other.

We don't play to a click, and we jam out a lot, so we want to have pre-filmed video segments, alternating with digital visualizations to stretch things out while we jam for a while.

For simplicity, we'd like to play the video clips with Winamp (We already use Winamp for pre-show and seque audio) and we've got tons of custom presets written for Milkdrop
(which comes with Winamp and can accept the audio from the playback or line in from the sound console and goes to the external video output) that we use for backdrops currently. We just don't know how to switch from one to the other.

Is there video switching software we could install on the same laptop as Winamp that could be configured to send the outputs from Winamp's 2 screens (video & Milkdrop) to the external video output, while being controlled from the laptop's screen? Hopefully freeware?

(I've found this: and it's almost exactly what we need, except it won't work with DirectX streams.)

Or is there a better way?