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    Default Sony Imagination 2.0

    I just ordered this today from Amazon. Can anyone verify why Vegas Platinum 10 costs pretty much as much as Sony Imagination 2.0 while Imagination includes Vegas Platinum + few more programs. Just different sellers or did I miss something?

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    Actually, whilst a good deal, the SRP for Imagination Studio is nearly double that of Platinum 10. You haven't bought from Amazon, you've bought via Amazon (no bad thing, you get the protection it offers) from someone who has obviously been able to get hold of a small qualtity of product at a good price. Possibly as a sweeetener froma Sony distributor. This sort of thing goes on all the time.

    There is, of course a small risk that it's grey import (but that does not matter - I've bought all my Sony software direct from the States and there's no issue with support or anything) or it's hooky. Of course you'll only really know when you come to register it and buying through Amazon, you'll be protected anyway (apart from all the hassle).

    Enjoy - it sounds like a great deal.

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