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Thread: HXR-NX70 Dust and Rain-Proof NXCAM Compact Camcorder

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    Sony's new rain & dust proof*1 HXR-NX70U camcorder is truly a professional performer that is compact enough to go anywhere and capture the action anytime, in challenging shooting conditions.

    The HXR-NX70U is compact in size, but it is loaded with the latest features that professional shooters demand for tough assignments in rugged environments.
    This camcorder is ready to capture amazing footage no matter where your next adventure may take you, from humid rainforests to sandy deserts. You'll be ready to roll with the action as it happens without worrying about adding a rain cover to protect the main camera body. The Exmor R CMOS sensor delivers superior performance in low-light situations where natural ambiance is desired, boasting roughly double the sensitivity of conventional CMOS sensors.
    The HXR-NX70U allows you to take a hands-on approach by incorporating a switchable lens ring for manual control focus, iris and zoom functions. Still photos can also be taken simultaneously during video recording by using the Dual Rec function. Suitable for all international formats, the latest 60p recording options provide the precision you need for shooting professional-quality HD video.


    For more detail, you can visit here. Enjoy it~~

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    Just got one...... The water/dust proofness was an important consideration on choosing this model, but it also packs a lot of resources that Ill learn to use in time.... Here is a sample made at home. No modifications made while editing - all scenes straight from original files.

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