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Thread: Filming inside a Car Trunk/Boot

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    Default Filming inside a Car Trunk/Boot

    My question is what is the best way to light the inide of a car boot/trunk to be able to film a kidnapping scene.

    I am making a short action thriller with a reverse timeline, I want to cut between previous story arc scences and the victime trapped in a car boot.

    I have already filmed the trunk shot of the victim looking out of the trunk up at the attacker (ala Pulp fiction) but cannot seem to get the right lighting & distance for a passive 'all tied up and waiting' type shot.

    I am using a small panasonic sd600 handycam.

    I have tried to use those pop on lights from the hardware shop to add extra lighting as the built in light give me a torch effect, not want I am after.

    I want a more natural look

    thank you for any sugessions

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    The last time I shot an in car scene, I used a BIG torch (3,500,000 candles) and used baking parchment as a diffuser over the lens to make the light look better. That's a zero budget way of doing it if that's what your after. You may also find that some cars have a lot of light spillage from the rear lights inside the boot. This could give you a very stylised dark shot with just parts of the body illuminated. It's hard to suggest some thing as we don't know the look of the shot your going for.

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    Thank you, I will certainly try this. I like the idea of the baking sheet, but may use sheeting instead as It might be easier to pin in position and add additional layers to to ajust the brightness.

    The effect i am wanting is a glooming, but visible victim, not a Blair Witch, torch under the chin style look.

    The victim needs to be seen using a mobile phone and struglling to get out.

    I also had not thought of the rear light solution, it may be by modifing the rear defusers as you mention I have a built in light source.

    Thank you again

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