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Thread: 3 camera setup using car mounts

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    Default 3 camera setup using car mounts

    Hi, I am shoting a short where most of the dialouge take place in a moving car at night. 2 actors in car for 70 percent of film, other times 3 and 4. Thinking about hood mount looking thru front windshield and a side mount on each window, passenger and driver side arranged so they would not see each other. Using 5d or 7d or both. Is what I'm thinking do able and what mount would you suggest that can pop on and off the car quickly so I can change the angle of camera if i want.


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    It is do-able but in your position I wouldn't do a multi-camera set-up in a moving car unless absolutely essential. Far better to do each camera separately. That way you can get the lighting right for each set-up and not worry about having other cameras in shot.

    Easiest, and cheapest would be to hire a camera mount from your local rental house. Next best is to get a couple of plate-glass suction handles, a superclamp and a magic-arm.

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    Thanks you Rembrant Rob

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    I thought you may find this cool to make your own camera mounts lol A bit sketchy but just throwing it out there.

    How to Make car mount camera - search Instructables mount camera&sort=none

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