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    This is a completely different style then what me and Chris would normally do.

    Where relatively new to this style but I think I came out alright.

    The kid everyone love to hate.

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    What seemed like a potentially interesting script with well put together interview sections was, I'm afraid, rather spoiled by some fundamental technical errors.

    Let's ignore the fact it's come out squashed - I'm sure it's not like that on your PC.
    The main narration sounds like it has been delivered by a text to speech engine. What have you done to the voice. It's too fast and too clipped and it's a struggle to take it all in.
    All interviews suffered from too much background/extraneous noise.
    All interviewees were poorly framed. Stan Hearnly in particular (especially the early shots) is in the left hand side of the frame looking off camera to the left. He should be looking off camera to the right - ie he should be looking towards the "leading space".
    It is particularly strange that you get such poor sound with the professor. I can see he has a tie clip mic and the signal is boosted so much that the sound is clipping, but there is a dreadful amount of hiss.
    Buldings have their own problems when filming as they don't often move.
    It's fairly common therefore to try to introduce a bit of movement by zooming and moving the camera.
    But - the shot of the waterfall (2nd shot) might work with the zoom or the pan, but not both.
    The walk around the building is far too wobbly.
    You shouldn't cut into or out of a zoom, and cutting into or out of any movement is best avoided - let the camera come to a standstill first.
    Music - why does some start halfway throgh the Prof's interview? (2:46)
    Your lens or filter is badly scratched or smothered in some substance which you highlight particularl well at 3:02 by drifting up from the house towards the sky and then back down again.

    It's a shame about the quality of the sound with the interviews as the rest could failry easily be re-shot and the narration re-recorded.

    Sorry to be so negative. I'm a believer that it's really the content that counts, but in some cases, as here, if there are enough technical flaws, it can be enough to detract from the content.

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