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Thread: Anybody got a clue what this is?

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    Default Anybody got a clue what this is?

    Wonder if anyone can help. I got given this Canopus capture device:

    couldnt find anything similar on the canopus website or anywhere on the internet. just wondered if anyone knew?

    Havent had the chance to test it yet. as my firewire card is not working. but a new one should be arriving on monday.

    thanks in advance


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    a capture device, for plugging in s-video / optical fibre sound / video rca (composite)

    so you could link consoles, dvd players, vhs machine etc....

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    yeah. i just wondered if anyone knew a model name etc. maybe its part of one of the canopus packages or something.

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    dunno the model name but i want it, :P

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    Looks like an old DV Storm Bay.

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