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Thread: First film for public criticism.

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    Default First film for public criticism.

    I made this short film as a kind of parody of those rather jolly little newsreel items in the 50s and 60s that bounced along to jolly music. I realise the typical "fruity" accent of the time is absent, but I hope the visuals and the music make up for that.

    It was shot mainly on a Panasonic Lumix TZ20, with other shots taken on a Panasonic TM700.

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    Marvellously entertaining. Loved the feel, the music, the story, the shots and the forethought you obviously had (b class, c class etc, number plates and so on) - yep, a really nice job. The segment in the middle for me was the weakest part with the speeded up stuff, but i'm being real picky - overall I loved it.

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    A well documented account of your day. As you say it lacks the posh voice over, which I think would have lifted the piece. I thought you stitched it together well but didn't think there was any need for the FX or transitions around 2:55 or the distortion at 3:32.

    You captured some great images with the TZ20, I have the TZ18 great little cameras.

    Well done.

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    Thanks Andy, much appreciated. I realise the middle section probably jars with the more placid outer bits, but I was trying to recall the original idea of Brooklands and it's racing car history.

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    Great little film. I do agree with Midnight about the FX - they slightly "cheapened" it in my view and, like Andy, I'm not convinced by the speeded up section - though I understand why you did this.

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