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    Default Unable to edit text

    Using Movie Studio 10 HD.
    When using Media Generators, text, inserting into Text Time Line I then want to edit the actual text. When I right click and the Menu appears including the option Edit Generated Media, if I then click on Edit Generated Media the whole Menu flies off to the bottom of my screen and out of site. The result is I cannot edit the text and I am at a complete loss as to what has happened. Can anyone throw any light on this please?

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    Comes up time after time. You've managed to drag the window right to the very edge of your desktop. It can often be found hiding under the taskbar. Failing that, try resizing your desktop temporarily - it'll be there somewhere. You can also reset your Vegas desktop to default layout (Alt+D, D I think) but I don't thik this affects any floating windows.

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    Thanks, you are right, I tried everything and in the end I uninstalled and reinstalled the programme to get it back.
    Thanks again.

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    I presume you mean you closed the program and started all over, NOT that you reloaded the whole software....Yikes!

    It's got me out of similar straits - View/Windows layout/Default - - - which is likely what TimStannard was suggesting, but I'm using the mouse with the top-menu.

    Having windows that "move about" is a bit of a snag for new users and I fail to understand why the window you are working on (eg the Text in this case) can't fill most of the screen automatically, without having to make the other parts smaller....maybe there is a simple fix but I've not met it yet.
    One might presume that if you are working on the Text, then everything else is of lesser importance, although I like to place the "Timeline Cursor" on the text itself, then as you modify the words the "Preview Screen" changes, that way you can balance the breaks, font size etc. and judge any underlying image which may not contrast enough with the text.
    ((What I don't like is the Global Text effects eg of "Centering" but I could be confused over this. - Text is not a strong point in Vegas, requiring too much effort, IMHO.
    I find Vegas 10 default text-size of 72pt rather too large; as I usually end up with 36pt/28pt

    Have you found any tricks yourself?
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    Quote Originally Posted by vidmanners View Post
    ..Have you found any tricks yourself?
    Yep. I bought a second monitor. Everything I need as large as I like it and no messing about. At all.

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