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    I have had a lot of useful feedback on this forum. My videos are all POV of windsurfing.....the public ( i.e. You tube) versions suffer somewhat from having to use DRM free music because usually I match the beat and lyrics to the theme of the video. The main feedback has been about telling a story which is not easy to do with just POV! This one tries to do that.

    YouTube - ‪February Winds‬‏

    ......but if I try to do that each time the "wrap around bits" are much the same. So I have tried using both POV and onshore footage instead to provide more interest.

    YouTube - ‪march winds‬‏

    When that is not possible I try to vary the POV position

    YouTube - ‪JP Homage.wmv‬‏

    Which do you think works best?

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    My suggestion will probably spoil your days surfing but if you want to make better videos that is the sacrifice you will have to make. Have some establishing shots like you did in the first one but cut that down to around 10 seconds of "lets look at the weather, yes it's going to be bloody cold and windy". then the loading the car with the gear again just a few seconds of that. Car arrives, un-load gear, a few set up shots of the boards and the other people etc, how's the surf today long shot of the sea, I liked the POV shot of walking down to the sea, here we go into the sea. You then need to have a mix of different angles on-board shots and mix those with shots from the beach not just here is 2 mins of the same shot but 2 seconds of this, 3 seconds of that bang bang bang with the music. Then when you've done your stuff. Shots of the end of the day, sunset or similar. End video. 3 mins tops.

    Hope that helps.

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