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Thread: Nature 2 - Experimental Video

  1. Default Nature 2 - Experimental Video

    Hi there,

    Hope you like it.

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    Absolutely loved it. Very tranquil.

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    Very nice with one exception in my book. You should have left out the shot at 0:33 or reshot it when you didn't have a horrible white & overexpoesed sky. In all your other shots the sky was full of chanracter and/or colour.

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    Beautiful images and fantastic colours. I wonder if a human element even if really distant may have added some symbolism? That is the only thing missing for me...the message. Is it the wonders of nature, the vast array of different environments, mystery, silence, power? I was looking for something like man's insignifcance compared to all of this. Nice one.

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    Very nice images. Perhaps a grade or ND filter to stop the sky burning out on some shots would have been nice. You could experiment doing this in post as well. Just put a piece of media over the video that has a gradient of black or blue to transparent. I've used this with some success.

    Over all very nice images.

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    Thank you very much for all of your comments.

    About the overexpoesed sky, I think it is due to the lack of equipment, such as filters and perhaps better lens. In addiction, the color correction that we applied during editing must have intensified it.

    The ideia of putting a person in the video, showing the insignificance of a human being, really is very interesting and does make all the sense. Maybe we'll do a third "Nature" video with more symbolism, who knows.

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