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Thread: Default title Font

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    Default Default title Font

    can this be changed in Premier CS5 ?

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    You might find there's a way to do this by making changes to a file somewhere in the hidden "AppData" folder.

    Other than that, or if not, you can create a template with the text set to what font/size/colour etc. that you need. To do this just create a title and change to your desired settings, then delete the text.

    Select the "templates" icon near the top left of the title designer window, select "templates" from the title menu or hit the shortcut "Ctrl+j".

    Select the little triangle/arrow icon at the top right of the templates window and select "Import current title as template" from the drop down menu.

    Select the same little triangle/arrow again and select "Set template as default still" from the drop down menu.

    Now when you create a new title it will open the title designer with the settings you chose.


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    sorted, nice one dave

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