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Thread: What would be the best setup for me

  1. Default What would be the best setup for me

    I own a sony handycam with no USB streaming and no audio input
    I own a logitech c910 webcam
    and using windows 7 with an external soundcard.

    Now I am making videos where I have a sound input going directly from my instrument into my external soundcard which feeds into my computer and after I found out my handycam has no USB streaming I bought a webcam which I use to record video.

    I have recorded a few videos with my soundcard as the mic input and the webcam as the video input with the logitech recorder that came with the webcam (recording of sound and video was good) tried recording into windows movie maker (was good but couldnt change the recording res of the webcam with movie maker and too low res to use)

    Thats not where my main issue is though. I have to have a program that can record the 2 together but be able to edit the sound and video individually but it to still be synced (Im making clips where the sound from video will be going the whole time but there will be segments where the video thats synced with the audio will be replaced with images,which is why I need to be able to cut the video in parts but leave the audio intact.)

    At the end I will also have to be able to take the whole audio track by itself to upload to soundcloud etc as an mp3.

    Thanks for your time.

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    A lot of what you say is confusing for me but if I've got this right. You need software to match up the images and the audio. Something like Sony Vegas Movie studio will do this. Look at the spec. on the Sony website to choose the version you feel is best for you. One thing that confused me was "USB streaming" why do you need this. Don't you just film things then copy the video from the camera to your computer for editing ?

    When you record the sound and video on different devices you can easily match them up in your editing program. Just match up a clap in front of the camera with the spike in the audio file. When you have finished your editing adding pictures etc. you can render out the video in the format you want either for YouTube, DVD, or just an audio file for Soundcloud.

    Hope I've got the right end of the stick with what you are after.

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    Reason for video streaming is I wanted a real simple process exactly how I have it of recording audio and video same time in the same program directly to my computer. Only problem im having is the editing side of things where I can't for example cut the video out at 1.32 to 1.35 and insert an image in but still have the audio from the video playing. Is there any way of this or am I always going to have to record the video into 1 program and record the audio into another program then sync them up?

    Thanks alot for your reply.

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    If you think of Sony Vegas as a multi track recording program for video this will help you picture how to do what you want. In video editing the top or upper most track is the one that is visible. So the easiest way to do what you want is have an audio track, then above that the full video track, then above that a still image or another video at the points on the time line you want them to appear. This is a very simplistic explanation just to give you an idea of how to achieve what you want. It is a very basic easy thing to do in video editing but I'm sure you are aware of that.

    Another solution to your issues is to get a camera with a mic input, so you can record directly onto your camera but to be honest there are many different solutions to this, depending on your budget, the level of quality required etc....

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    So using my mac to edit video and the old imovie does exactly what I want! Only problem is my logitech c910 webcam (very impressed ,records to a quality im real happy with) records as wmv. Cant import wmv into imovie and finding a way to convert is a mission (Free way) . Got my audio in sorted. The webcam has software that came with it where I select my audio input (use my external soundcard) and it records it with the video so no need for syncing. Is there a easy free way to convert wmv to avi (that doesnt lose much quality) or am I best to buy a video camera that records to AVI.

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