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Thread: decent camcorder for videoing gigs

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    Default decent camcorder for videoing gigs

    Hi guys and gals Im looking for a decent camcorder suitable for recording high quality HD in low light conditions as it will be for recording live bands my budget is around 400 gbp i would also like to be bale to fit a wide angle lens or it already be wide angle as i am going to buy 3 cameras of the same to record multi angle footage any ideas of a good camera suitable for my budget i know its not a good budget lol

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    I have to say 400 budget is a little low to get a good HD camera. Do I presume you don'e have tripods, Audio recording etc. If you Google 400 video camera you will see a few domestic models but you may find them limited for your use. Don't get me wrong there are a lot of cameras out there for that price for example somethignlike the Panasonic SD60 is a nice little camera for the price, I'm not sure you can fit a wide angle lens on it and it is limiting for the use you described.

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    i can get tripods and the venues that i would use them at can record audio via the mixing desk also i have a zoom h4 portable recording device, or would use external mics but would mostly be taking the recordings via the desk and never use the built in mics on the camera as they would never be suitable to be fair all i need is a camera with decent -high quality video in low light conditions then i would just by the same camera 3 times

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