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Thread: Footage (water, forest, city ...) everything... where to get

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    Default Footage (water, forest, city ...) everything... where to get

    hello, i am using sony vegas and i am a newbie. i want to know if there are footages to buy, like a waterfall, trainstation where a train is running in, flight with a heli over a city etc etc... can i buy these things somewhere? i need a lot of footages for something like a music video to maybe put in between scenes or use it as a background for a text. i am sorry but i dont know where else to post.

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    Yes, you can buy this sort of thing. Some of it more expenceive than others. If you Google "stock footage" or royalty "free footage", that should get you started. Some of it can be gotten for free some you will have to pay for it.

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    this one would probably be interesting to you...

    if you want to pay for better quality, try 'artbeats' .

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