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Thread: "Sticky Notes" - A short, sticky drama

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    Default "Sticky Notes" - A short, sticky drama

    I love getting opinions from you guys, so I thought I'd post this one through to see what you all thought of it. This is my final film for my degree, and I'm pretty happy with how it came out. Hope you enjoy it! (Oh; and please click through and watch it in HD on Vimeo. It's way sharper!)

    "Sticky Notes"
    Allan leads a relatively lonely 9-til-5 life, and moving into a new office brings newer problems. Bored one afternoon in the office, he begins doodling on post-it notes around him, before being ushered out of the office quickly. He returns to discover something that wasn't there before from a secret admirer...

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    I loved it. This is my sort of movie. I always like a happy ending and positivity.

    Well done.

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