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Thread: First wedding showreel - Feedback wanted

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    Red face First wedding showreel - Feedback wanted

    Hello everyone, I have just finished the edit of my first wedding promotional video and would value peoples opinions.

    I decided to stick with footage from just one of my previous weddings as it seemed to flow a lot better than showing clips from multiple weddings in such a short stretch of time.

    The video is for the purpose of showing potential clients a snapshot of what their wedding video would be like if they used my services, it would be a pre-cursor to a meet in person where full length examples could be shown.

    For some reason there's an interlacing issue with this export on 1080 on youtube, this will not be the final version due to this issue and pending any notes from feedback.

    Note this is the latest edit (version 3), not the original
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    My two pennorth... cut out anything wobbly - it doesn't matter to the client (potential) whether you had time to set up a tripod or not, or whether you have a stabiliser or not - wobbly shots in a final edit are unforgivable.

    Other than that - not a bad effort - a good selection of angles - remember though - you should aim to not include yourself when setting wide shots up - and a nice choice of music.

    Soory if the advice sounds harsh - but you're strap line 'Your Wedding Your Way' sounds professional. The edit you've shown here doesn't match that expectation.
    Ops - nearly forgot - as amusing as it was when the bride lost her footing - lose it - If I was thinking of booking my first thought would be - If I have an embarrasing moment will it end up on YouTube.

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    Thank you, not harsh at all, this is the first time im advertising my wedding services so I need to get it right. I've always been fond of that little shot where the bride almost topples, it's one of those 'got to be there' moments which can never be caught in pictures (and amusing for the groom as it's something he'd never get to see otherwise). I actually had a booking based on this full video and they loved that moment, I said to them, moments like that can often be captured on camera and at times they'll be on a wobbly shot, but the moment is priceless and you'd want to laugh about it in the future. They were sold.

    Anyway, back to this. I see your point regarding that shot and for the showreel I agree that it needs to look the best as it could possibly be so I'll cut it. I'll look to remove the shot where you can see me at the front also. Second edit to come soon.
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    Hm dare I add my 2ps worth too? Everything Andy says + Continuity, continuity, continuity . . > You have basically just strung together some very mixed clips from different parts of the day and slapped a very poor track over the top. It's ok . . . ish, but missing those vital touches that will help you along the road to being seen as 'pro'.
    As a for instance just try putting the shots of the little bridesmaids waving 'after' you see the car arriving. Then cut to the inside of the car. Try it and see a world of difference!
    Your continuity is horrendous and so full of jump cuts it hurts.
    The edit as you have it shows the car arriving - jump to photos in car - nope! something happens in between. You either film the car coming to a complete stop or film someone watching the car arriving, then cut to the stopped shots.
    Same in the ceremony and photoshoot Jump, jump, jump. If you don't have the covering shots (and you should) fade down then back up to the new scene.
    Too may trombone shots too and don't cut to a static shot from mid zoom. It jars my fillings loose.
    Sorry of it's blunt, but you need to learn the basics.
    My opinions are just that . . . Mine. It's not personal, but is based on my emotional and professional reaction to requested critique. If you choose to ignore constructive comments, I'll just assume you're a vanity poster and not posting to improve your filming and editing skills.

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    First of all let me say thanks for your feedback, but I can't say it's entirely fair in places. I know the importance of continuity and avoiding jump cuts, I know how to edit.

    This is less than 2 minutes long and needs to represent a final video of approximately two and a half hours, I would never be able to incorporate every suitable cutaway shot needed to suitably represent bride and groom moving from A to B without a jump cut. But it's ok because of that fact, it's a short promo reel and I don't think you'd find many people who would expect all of that to be included. It is only that, a snapshot, artistic licence can be involved.

    Why the use of 'mixed clips' as if it's a bad thing? I need to represent every major segment of the day, how else could this be done without picking out small clips of them?

    With regards to the small girls, they were there before the Bride arrived, it's all in chronological order but that said, the audience doesn't 'know' that the girls were there first and I agree it looks better having switched them around.

    Some of the shots with zooms,in the full length video they are very nice shots and used correctly with pauses after the end of the zoom before the next cut. I agree that they maybe don't work so well in this extreme cut down form, but at the same time it's the best shot to use to represent what's happening. I think one or two actually work ok, but I'll take another look.
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    The next edit, post feedback:
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    That second version is so much better.
    May I just say that if you offer something into the public domain for criticism don't expect to be showered with plaudits and praise. The art of video making is very subjective, some like their shots to be rock steady others prefer the dynamism of fluid movement. The aim is to the achieve the look that you want and that can be achieved by taking note of others comments, especially if you've asked for them. It just seems a bit of bad grace to then become very defensive and turn on the comments you don't like, if you feel your shots are what you want then use them, otherwise you'll be make dozens of versions to try and appease your critics. That said the second version could be even better with a bit of tightening of the shots (for just one example, cut the shot of the car arriving just before the person crosses in front of you). Editing can be just as much about what you discard as what you include.

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    Thanks Tom I do appreciate that people get close to their videos, whatever they are, and it can be hard to receive criticism at times. I didn't majorly take offence in this case, I was just a bit frustrated with some of the language used (patronising much?). Laws and rules that certainly apply to full length videos don't necessarily translate in the exact same way to a sub 2 minute video, to have suggested that I need to learn the basics im sure you can understand, is just plain rude (and that's my opinion, everyone is entitled to their own).

    I'm not above taking advice and recognising where improvements can be made, and have made changes based on much of the feedback.

    You make a good point with the shot of the car arriving, I'll take another look.
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    I noticed there is a similar shot to the car one where someone get into the shot at the "first dance". I think you are very brave moving into weddings. I wouldn't touch them with a barge pole. I even managed to get out of doing one for a friend earlier this year. They are such a specialised thing and they mean so much to the customer and you only have one chance to get the shot and you have to be in three places at once. I'm having cold sweats just thinking about it.

    Good luck. If I was you I'd spend hours looking through the showreels of all the "better" wedding videographers, so you get an idea of what to aim for. (Not meant to be patronising)

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    Still too wobbly for my liking I'm afraid. For a showreel, you pick your absolute best stuff. You're selling yourself - show off what you can do! I wasn't convinced from the video that this was happening. But like MB above, I would never go into wedding stuff.

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