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Thread: "Black Park" noir yo-yo short video

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    Default "Black Park" noir yo-yo short video

    it actually looks just as good if not better in low definition

    it's my first try and playing around with the contrast and colors (well, black & white), I probably overdone it (just as most people when they start playing with that, it's just a great way to mask the lack of talent to the uneducated viewer - can't hurt to get some moral boost tho)

    anyway, discuss, critique, praise or flame, try and enjoy it tho

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    I liked it. I thought the negative bit was a bit OTT but generally as a stylised piece it works.

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    Now you've got the hang of setting your camera nice and square, what this piece cries out for is some Dutch tilt! And maybe some more dramatric backgrounds with lots of shadows. And long lingering emotional shots of the artist in thought.

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