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Thread: Capturing from JVC HD 200...?

  1. Default Capturing from JVC HD 200...?

    I have some tapes that were recorded on a JVC HD 200 (recorded at 720p 50fps)

    I need to capture the footage into adobe...tried the tapes in a sony deck and a sony camera, neither worked...looks like JVC records in there own format

    Question is...

    Can I capture the footage by playing the tapes in ANY jvc camera or deck??

    Where can I borrow/rent a JVC camera? looks like most places do sony

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    If you shot at 50fps this may be the problem you are facing, a lot of decks will only play back at 25fps. Is it that you are not getting anything at all from the capture?

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    think i've figured it out after a loooong google session -i am a total noob to video so don't laugh

    tapes were recorded at 720p 50p...

    most decks i've seen only want to play/capture hdv at 720p 24p 25p 30p 50i 60i...

    i know the jvc br-hd50 deck can capture 720p 50p but i can't rent that deck (or a jvc 720p 50p camera) from anywhere...

    so...anyone know where i can get a deck/camera that will do JVC's 720p 50p??

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    I'm sure if you contact your local hire shop and tell them what you need they will be able to help. Any chance of borrowing the original camera.

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    i've tried every hire company on the web...none of them do jvc cameras or decks...and no other deck will play the jvc recorded tapes as far as im aware

    im working on borrowing the original camera but its a long shot :(

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