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Thread: how do they do it ?

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    Default how do they do it ?

    seen this on TV iRcfdcQEFLQ wondering how its done ?

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    I'm guessing it's shot on a set with a green screen background. They probably use a point in the background, perhaps the tree as a loop point to make it look continuous.

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    It's shot in a real field with real people and real grass and real trees. The camera moves about 45 degrees and then stops. It is re-set to the original starting position. The set is re-dressed, then the camera is moved again at exactly the same speed. This is then repeated a numbers of times. Each pan is then stitched together as martchap says at the point of the tree.

    How can I say this with such confidence?

    I just watched this.

    I find it very difficult to watch as it makes me dizzy.


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