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    Okay well this is a new video ive put together, Compared to my previous videos i think they have improved. I tried to have some good cutaways and interesting shots in this, in terms of storyline etc i think it wasn't the best but i tried to relate some shots to the lyrics.

    Let me know your thoughts on overall.

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    MASSIF improvement. your videos improve with each one and this is the best yet. good to see you experimenting with DOF and your colour grading between scenes is more balanced.

    talent looks less camera shy too.

    good work.
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    This is without doubt your very best so far. The great thing about it is you held my interest all the way though. Some great shots, put together well. Good performance from the talent. Now the only problem is your next video has to be better than this. You have given me a lot of pleasure over time since you post your first video. It's been great to see you grow as a film maker. You always listened and took on board the comments that where written about your work and I think this is one of your streangths. You could have easily just said "what does this olg geeza know about what I'm doing but you didn't and through your own talent and practice you have raised your game. RESPECT.

    Well done, great job.

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    Great, i'm glad ive pleased you guys! Finally! Haha..

    Quality wise (Camera).. Do you think i need an upgrade? Or should i just continue to work with what i have. I'm not using the best camera and i feel kind of held back with the shots i want but cannot get, but at the same time i'm still learning and finding the camera quite interesting.

    But thank you again!

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    What is it you want to do that you feel you can't get with your current camera.

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    Just tighter focus... cleaner pictures.. am i asking for too much? Is the quality fine?

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    I don't know what your camera is but it seems to produce a good image in the right lighting conditions.

    I think I understand what you are looking for. BUT to get a notable improvement from what you have right now will cost a lot of dosh. Unless you want to go down the DSLR route but you would still have to shell out for some good lens to see the sort of increase in image quality you want. So unless you have suddenly come into a load of dosh, I would keep what you currently have and learn to use it to the max, with all the manual options available.

    If you did want to spend some money you could always get yourself some lights to help with the interior shots.

    This is not a cheep activity.

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    Yes i see.. well i think i will continue with what i have for now and maybe get some lights soon!

    Well thank you again, anymore comments would be great!

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    I also think this was better than earlier clips.
    I found it disconcerting not to see the talent's eyes. There is a an old saying, 'the eyes are a window (or mirror) to the soul'. In many head on shots; we can see a head in the hood, but the 'whites' of the eyes are not visible. That, IMHO, makes alot of difference. An old trick in still portrait photography is to add an artificial spec of white to part of the eye socket; so as to give the impression of the face coming alive. The problem perhaps of having no reflection is to make the person appear distant, dangerous or lifeless.
    I am not an expert in this area, but there may be a cheap way to use reflective boards to get more light into scenes like the one in the car. Or, is there an easy (cheap) way (using the power from the car battery) to give some extra light?

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    Will take that into account for next video Tim.. Thank you again for the feedback, i have made notes!

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