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Thread: How to create something like this.

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    Default How to create something like this.

    Hey guys!


    I'm new to this forum but I'm not new to video editing. I'm looking for a new project to shoot and edit(Computer style). I just wonder how to create an animitation that looks something like this I know they use programs and emulators and what not. I know it looks really hard. And I know I will not learn it in 1 day, but it would be awesome if I could do it in the future. So?? where to start where can I find the information/programs to create this type of graphical movies.

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    I think you need to sit down and grasp reality . . . the person that created that was part of a team and they will have years of experience.
    You need to learn yr craft slowly and add effects when appropriate....that movie looks to be budgeted in someone else's money.
    Fx are getting easier on computer, but a decent story, good camera technique and technical know-how will still earn you respect and prizes.

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    this takes years of experience dude....

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    Here's a short (10 minute) interview with the guy's who made the trailer. it gives some non technical insights into the amount of time, effort and not to mention money that went into this trailer.

    DC Universe Online - Who Do You Trust Cinematic Trailer (Director's Cut) Video - PS3 - IGN

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