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Thread: We can take the criticism - is this good?

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    Default We can take the criticism - is this good?

    It's a competition entry into a short film awards ceremony. The brief was to come up with a 1 - 4 min film on the theme of Inspiration. Is it good? What do you think?

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    My criticism is the multi thread spamming of this. All others deleted. ONE thread per video please.

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    To me it seems like a well shot, cleverly put together show reel rather than one coherent film. Don't get me wrong, it's very well shot and put together in a very clever way but it doesn't join up in the way I would want one piece to do. I see it was a good idea but I don't think you pulled it off.

    May be it just went way over my head.

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    yes very good ..... or at least the footage is. But TBH, it doesn't really say inspiration to me !

    i get the impression you edited footage you already had to try to fit the brief rather than shoot something from scratch.

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    It all depends on whether you agree with the "definition" of inspiration stated in the title: When ideas leap from one place to another.

    I thought the film worked really well illustrating that. Some of the links were more imaginitive and/or gave more variety than others, but overall I thought it was well thought out.

    It worked for me.

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