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    Default moving camera

    I would ask the attention of you, to observe the time of 2:23 for this video .
    There is a speed approaching, but without affecting the speed of video.Gostaria whether this effect and the after effects or just an approximation of the camera using the stedicam

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    It's simply an increase in speed. Most wedding vidders use that effect. Opposite of slow motion is all it is.

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    Thanks Andy for your reply, it then concludes that the operator of the camera film speed, then and only used the slow motion effect. Thank you for your attention.

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    I wanted help from you guys to understand how I can get three precomposicoes above the layer "original painting" more than the preview els are below?

    I'm starting to use the AE for a short time, my curiosity is because I like to understand. If not I would take up the layer compositions and the problem was solved. Since already thank you.

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