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    I was wondering if there was anything i could improve on. I did notice some mistakes while i was editing but couldn't fix them because of problems in the shot, not the editing.
    Any feedback is greatly appreciated!

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    OK there are two lessons you will have learned from this.

    1. You really need a still background - trees waving in the wind simply don't cut together.

    2. It's very time consuming. You need to mask frame by frame where different elements cross over: for example when you put the gun down it lookls like you've simply created a rough mask where it first crosses the body behind and then another where it's on the table. You need to create a mask for each frame. Similarly as the foiur of you leave the seating area ther's little attempt to mask arond the figures accurately. It's tedious work, but that's what it takes, I'm afraid.

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    Ok thank you, that does sound very time consuming but i still think that in the end it will be worth it for an amazing video.

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    What program are you using? In After Effects CS5 there's a great tool called the roto brush. It works really well for situations like this but it can put a really heavy workload on your computer so you might have to keep the scenes short. Here are some examples of rotoscoping VS masking:

    In this first video, when the two people cross over at second base, that is rotoscoping. Very clean and you could easily mistake it for two real people in the original footage. Not everything is rotoscoped in this video - some of it is masking.

    In this second video, only masking was used and it's not perfect but I still spent hours just to do the 5 second shot or so of the guys jumping over the table.

    Hopefully these help give you an idea of what you can accomplish if you spend a good amount of time on your cloning.

    On another note, IF you want to keep the background with the trees and everything there is a way you can do that. You need to shoot a blank "background plate" with no people in it, then shoot each of the clones moving through that scene. You then need to rotoscope each piece of clone footage so that all that appears in each frame is the person. It's very time consuming and very precise.

    Hope that helps! Sorry I'm so long winded

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    Those really do help, thanks! Although I am only using Vegas Pro 10 so unfortunately, as much as i want to i cannot use the rotobrush effect.

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