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Thread: Lagarith Stopped Working After Reinstall

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    Default Lagarith Stopped Working After Reinstall

    So I've been using Lagarith to encode gameplay videos without problems for several months now and I recently reinstalled Sony Vegas(same version, 10.0c) and now I can't render with it anymore. All it says is "the selected codec does not support the current rendering settings". I have no idea what could be causing this and I wish Vegas could tell me what setting exactly it has trouble with. Any ideas on what I can do?

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    Now try reinstalling Lagarith.

    Are you using the same Media type? Are you positive?

    BTW, had you previously been running 32bit all the way through before? Have you changed to 64bit?


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    Tried reinstalling Lagarith as well but didn't change anything.
    Using AVI as media type, same as before.
    Been using 64bit all the way.

    Some vegas settings:
    Video: 30 fps; Project Frame Size Progressive
    Pixel Aspect Ratio: 1,000
    Create opendml compatible checked
    Interleave every frame 0,000

    For lagarith itself I use:
    enable null frames
    YV12 mode
    use multithreading

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    This is slightly emberassing.
    The problem was that I had typed in the wrong resolution in project settings
    1650x1080 instead of 1680x1050

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    Quote Originally Posted by Obscurescience View Post
    This is slightly emberassing.
    Well done for sorting it out and thanks for posting. I serves as a gentle reminder that we're all capable of "silly" mistakes.

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