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Thread: Cooperation for music video?

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    Default Cooperation for music video?

    we are a band from Sweden that is releasing a new single very soon. We need to do a video for this song and want to unleash the question to all who might consider cooperating with us. You will have free hands to create something you think would fit the music. We will not be able to offer any payment but since we have a pretty big fanbase, we will together have an opportunity to be seen & heard all over the world.

    Here's the single

    Please contact us for more information if this seems interesting.

    Henrich & Mattias,

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    I presume you are not UK-based, nor London-located...but that is no matter . . . . yr best route may be among Family/friends . . . someone who knows someone...Or you could try to contact yr college or University - they will have Media-Study groups and something as exciting as the Music Industry will bring many offers forward.

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