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    Iv been having problems with two of my mini dv tapes. I tried to capture the footage off them on my camera an I had the black/[ink horizontal lines through the footage and the sound was all fuzzy. I had this problem years ago but it mixed itself after 5 seconds or footage.

    This time I borrowed two differant cameras off my friends an it did the same thing in there camera. Sometime when I clicked play on the camera it just stayed blue screen an the footage popped in every now an then.

    I know the problem is the head of the camera dirty but the damage has been done to the tape. What I want to know is this footage destroyed now ? Is there ANY way I could capture the footage without the lines ? Its really important footage an ill be sad as to see it gone.

    Thanks: Laurie.

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    As a long shot you could try looking at the fotage using a different camera but it sounds like this footage is no good.

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