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Thread: Yo guys :) New VID!

  1. Wink Yo guys :) New VID!

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    Not an especially new concept of course - but very well executed - loving the multi-screen - very good job. Just needed your groovy vocal over it.....

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    Like Andy said it's not a new concept but it was very well done Your like the female mysteryguitarman :P Coming from me that's a big compliment because he's one of the most influential people for me on youtube. I'm going to go check out your channel now because I feel like I've seen your work before. I'd love to collaborate on something if your interested, I do a lot of stop motion and special effects videos. I think our styles would work very well together but if your interested just let me know


    PS. haha I definitely have seen your work before, I'm subscribed to you :P

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    Thanks guys

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