For all the Sony gear heads out there, Sony has introduced a new Memory Stick. The Memory Stick PRO-HG Duo HX is aimed at those that need quick read and write speeds. In their press release, Sony states that the new memory sticks have read rates of 50 MB/s.

How fast is 50 MB/s? That’s enough to capture 190 jpeg bursts in a minute! Also the press release states that “copying a 32GB AVCHD movie file to your PC takes just 11 minutes. That’s more than twice as quick as transfers using today’s fastest SDHC cards.”
It comes in 8/16/32 gb.

On a side note, just wish that Sony didn’t have their “own” memory sticks, that way, instead of Sony’s R&D team working on a closed technology, the technology could have been passed down to SDHC cards.


Fliques Osman