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Thread: First video edit. C&C wanted.

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    Default First video edit. C&C wanted.

    Just wanted to see the response on this video was... im thinking of getting back into it.
    Couple of things before you start watching.
    • The music was there just to fill in the blank sound

    • The video isn't the best of quality

    • The video is NOT professional

    • And it will be boring, seeing there is no real point to it.

    I hope you enjoy.

    Harsh Criticism is most welcome. That is how us noobs learn

    Cheers guys

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    I had to lauph when I saw the second shot of the boat going up hill. You can correct this in post it just needs twisting round a bit to make the sea horizontal. The next shot of the boat I think it would have been better just to let it sail out of shot rather than zooming in on it and loosing focus. The speeded up shot needs to fade to black a bit sooner as we see the camera move towards the end which looked odd to me. I liked the shot of the car but it would have been better if it didn't bump around.

    Well you did say to be harsh.

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    Awesome mate, thanks for the reply. TBH I didn't think your criticism was harsh at all. Thanks for the tips, I'll make sure those mistakes don't happen again.


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