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    I am a documentary still photographer and bought a Sony HXR MC50U camcorder in the hope of being able to add simple video records of my subjects to my work – such as interviews with my subjects for the future. As you can all imagine, I quickly found out that the technical end of processing video into a usable format is quite complex and is going to take me some time, which leaves me with a temporary problem: I need to shoot much of this video right away while working on my current project, as access won’t be easy later. The footage doesn’t need to be processed now, just recorded, and thus my question:

    In still photography I always shoot at the highest resolution, knowing that I can degrade it later if needed, but always want the best image to start with. Can I do this with video files as well? Can I shoot in HD FX mode and degrade it later to standard mode. If time, file size, memory available, etc… are of no consequence, does this make sense to do it this way? It seems logical to me to shoot the best the first time around, but knowing how little I know I thought I would ask here before falling into a trap of my own making. Thanks for any help you can give me on this question – the Sony manual is only good for telling you to push the “HD FX” button if you want to record in HD FX - not why you would or what the advantages/disadvantages might be….
    Thanks again-
    Markham Starr

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    I'll start this up front by claiming ignorance of this HD FX mode. That aside, you're methodology and thinking don't need to be adjusted for video; shoot at the highest quality, output for the required medium and audience.

    Don't be daunted by video outputs - it's nothing that preset templates can't fix. I spend much of my early days in video learning about the technology. I haven't bothered to keep that knowledge up to date: the more you know, the more you think you can tinker. I rely on templates and am never dissapinted with quality.

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    Thanks for your reply - I don't know what any of it means (HD FX) either, but it says the resolution is the highest. The question stems from shooting a little clip of the back yard and using the very, very basic software Sony gives you to download it and burn it to a dvd and then playing it on my tv (an older crt type) and having a ton of flicker in the video. I assume that is because they don't give any options for puting it on a dvd and there will be better software that eliminates that problem. You mention preset templates that should work, so I will pursue that line of thought. Thanks very much for the help with this - I am really looking forward to this new challange!
    Mark Starr

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