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Thread: Comments & criticisms on my first project :)

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    Default Comments & criticisms on my first project :)

    Hi guys,

    Just recently decided to go it alone and set up my new venture Digital Media Moments.
    This is my first project, comments and criticisms are more than welcome

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    I don't know if it's the client's brief or not, but the intro is FAR too long. Eitrher the product needs to be right up there from the off, or the ad needs to create intrique which makes on want to watch to the end to see what the product is.
    The graphics ratehr obliterated the design on the tee-shirts. I'd suggest we need tos ee teh desighn ratehr than the top of the shirt (we don't get to see the bottom, after all)
    The music didn't really work for me. It wasn'r modern, but neither was it retro (which would have fitted with the image). Some sort of 60s surf/pop/rock or psychodelia would work better in my opinion.

    On the plus side, the shots looked crisp and clear. The initial graphics looked goo. and it was clear what the product was all about.

    Sorry if that sounds harsh, but it's important to be very picky when you're going pro.

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    Thanks fo the feeback, although the client did specify the long intro for this version (there is a shorted version) I've akne on board your comments. It's good to get feeback from others who have an eye for these things rather than just from family or friends who will say that anything is great (even if it's rubbish)

    I'll have another look at the composition before I submit to client for approval

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    What music are you using?

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    The quality of the graphics is very good. I think you just need to learn how to use that skill in the right way. Like Tim said the intro is to long for an ad. like this, I'd say 10 seconds, tops. The music isn't right either, if as in this example it's all about the retro-ness of the item then pick a well known sound from that era. You probably won't get permission to use a well known pop/rock song or the cost would be prohibitive. So you have to find something generic that has the same style or feel. (If that makes any sense).

    Make sure you get from the client what the promo is about, is it to promote the website or the products. i.e. if the video is to be put on the website, then the viewer will already be aware of the site, so just push the products. It takes a lot of skill to know how to do this well. Your trying to produce something that a whole team of creatives in an ad agency would normally be doing. I hope some part of my waffling helps.

    Anyway, I don't know what I'm talking about as usual but that doesn't usually stops me.

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    The thing I notice is that the same angle approach is used for every different tee shirt. Which leads me to think you probably couldn't be bothered to do different ones. In which case I'd have removed that thought from the viewers mind by flashing through far more designs as the camera sweeps forward towards the tee. I don't think personally there's anywhere enough designs shown anyway. The tee market is swamped by Zazzle and such like so your customer needs to show something unique.. and you need to disguise what you can't do - or can't be bothered to do....

    I agree also - the intro is miles too long and the music completely inappropriate.

    Again - if this sounds harsh - but if you set yourself up as a Pro - you need to exceed and excel.

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    I agree with everything said. But to put in my own words: the music is down tempo, but the video a mix of fast and slow edits. It suggests you're practiced in producing graphics, but don't yet have a feel for pacing and flow. For example the constant switching between the tees and the website was frustrating for this viewer. I would introduce with the website, then quickly cut to a fast flowing feature on the tees; multiple aNgles, several tees and fast pans. It shows technical promise in terms of creation of the graphics / titles, but there'swork needed on overall presentation, timing and flow.

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