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Thread: Comments & Critisisms Please :)

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    Default Comments & Critisisms Please :)

    Hi guys,

    Having spent all my life working for fat cat corporations and lining their pockets, I've, decided to have a try at going it alone and in the process of setting up my new venture in video editing Digital Media Moments.

    I'm looking for feedback on my YouTube channel
    Any comments or critisisms are more than welcome and I really appreciate your thoughts.


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    Welcome to the forum Roobyroo, normally when people want a critique of their videos they post one video in the user video section.

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    Oops! Thanks for that, I'll post in the user video section

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    Hey roobyroo, I just checked out the first video on your channel and I thought it was really well done. The tutorial was very informative and easy to follow. My favorite part was the intro though, I really liked the camera panning through all the gears and lights hanging, the butterfly fluttering across was a nice touch as well. Did you create that intro in After Effects?

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    Thanks, glad you enjoyed the tutorial
    Yup! The intro sequence is created in After Effects

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