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Thread: Comments & Critisisms Please :)

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    Default Comments & Critisisms Please :)

    Hi guys,

    Having spent all my life working for fat cat corporations and lining their pocketsI've, decided to have a try at going it alone and in the process of setting up my new venture in video editing Digital Media Moments.

    I'm looking for feedback on our new website Digital Media Moments

    Any comments or critisisms are more than welcome and I really appreciate your thoughts.


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    it's an interesting concept. I know others have tried it before (taking other people's footage and editing it for them) and I'm not aware of anyone making a massive success of it (or, for that matter reporting it as a massive failure).
    The "problem" is people generally have no idea how long editing takes - of even if they do, aren't keen to pay a decent rate for it.

    However, if you've done your homework and also managed to automate a lot of the process such that you can charge what people will see as a reasonable rate, theres' no reason why it shouldn't work.

    As for the website, it's clear an informative, but the big thing which is missing from a potential client's perspective is some idea of cost. If I only had a vague notion that I might wnat my old holiday footage edited into something presentable, I probably wouldn't even bother requesting a quote if I didn't have some idea it whether it was going to cost pennies, a hundred, five hundred or thousands.

    I'm also a bit dubious about your doing the work before getting any payment - I can see why you offer that, but after you've done a dozen which haven't resulted in business you might change that poilicy.

    I wish you every success and please give us regular reports of how it's going.
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    Thanks for the feedback Tim, I really appreciate it

    We do have individual prices on our services page, but I can see where you're coming from... in addition maybe we should give an approx average overall price for example.

    Also the whole 'No payment upfornt' concept is something that I've given a lot of thought. I guess only time will tell and like you say, if I have a few non payers after putting a lot of time in editing their videos I may very well decide to change that policy. I suppose one thing that may be a sure way of getting paid for a job is if I have a hold of the clients precious original footage... although that would only work if the client had sent physical footage which is growing less and less likely with most people having digital files.

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    Sorry. I didn't look at the services page for some reason - maybe rename it "Services/Prices" or stick a big label on the home page saying "for sample proces look at our services page". It seems very comprehensive.

    Watch the music issue. You are responsible for copyright if you add music to their video (known as "sync rights) even if they supply the music. So, if they send you a copy of Lady Gaga's latest and ask you to put it on the DVD, you are infringing copyright law even though it is for them and they own a copy of the music. And you can point out to them that even if they did it themselves they would be infringing copyright.

    In practice, if they did it themselves it is highly unlikely anyone would care - but as a business you will foolish not to act within the law.

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    I considered a similar concept before and I've also heard of others trying the same. I remember seeing a couple of guys on Dragons Den pitching it, or something very similar. They seemed to be getting somewhere with the concept, or were at least making out that they were.

    The problem I had with it always related to the same thing.

    "You can't make a silk purse from a sows ear".

    To later blame a bad final product on their precious footage is like, at the best, admiting to having a bad business model and having offered them a poor service. If they aren't happy with their product things could get too messed up for me.

    Hypothetically speaking... The customer gets a shit film and the editor blames their footage. Their either going to accept that and see that it is a poor concept and a product not worth paying for or not see that and blame the editor for trying to blame their great holiday snaps for the shit product.

    It seems to me that it comes with it's own inherit issues.

    If you havn't already I'd advise you to carefully think how to go about dealing with this issue.


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    I just had a weird moment when I had a look at your youtube channel. I've made films about both Conic Hill and Ben A'an. Neither are any where near the highest of our hills, but still two of the best for summit views.


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    Thanks again for your comments, I'll certainly take the advice onboard. I always suspected that the music may be an issue but wasn't too sure with the client supplying their own aand wwith the video being for their own personal use

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    Default Conic Hill and Ben A'an

    Quote Originally Posted by david walsh View Post
    I just had a weird moment when I had a look at your youtube channel. I've made films about both Conic Hill and Ben A'an. Neither are any where near the highest of our hills, but still two of the best for summit views.

    How weird... Conic Hill and Ben A'an seem to be really popular hills to walk. I agree about both having some of the best summit view. We first walked these hills a few years ago and have since conquered many of the big munros. Re-visited Conic Hill and Ben A'an last year with a couple of newbies who are just getting into the whole hill walking

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